Scheduled Release: 6/24/2019, 10 a.m. PDT / 5 p.m. UTC, all platforms



  • Salty Shores [Night] is available in Local Matches, Private Matches, and Training


  • ‘American League’ Topper

  • ‘National League’ Topper

Monstercat (Antennae)

  • ‘7 Minutes Dead’

  • ‘Ephixa & Heartful’

  • ‘Televisor’

  • ‘Tut Tut Child’

  • ‘Varien’

  • ‘WRLD’



  • Adjusted Esports Wheels to ensure they’re symmetrical on both sides of the car

  • [Nintendo Switch] Fixed a bug causing players to enter a match stuck in an incorrect camera view

  • Players should no longer enter a match with an invisible Battle-Car

  • [Nintendo Switch] Fixed the appearance (thickness) of several Rocket Boosts

    • This fix was included in an earlier release (v1.64) on PS4/Steam/Xbox One

  • Earned Tier Points now display correctly at the end of a match, and in the Rocket Pass menu

  • Adjusted appearance of Black Painted Generator II Wheels


  • Ball indicator may not appear near the middle of Throwback Arena

  • [Salty Shores] Lighting in the arena tints some Decals more blue than normal

  • Tournament creators may not be able to spectate Tournament matches

  • Several Wheels may show the rotor or hub clipping through on certain Car Bodies

  • Crates received while playing will not stack with Crates in inventory, but they will stack correctly after a game restart

  • [Xbox One] The ‘Slash Beam III’ Rocket Boost may reduce your frame rate

  • Post match XP bar is blue instead of green for Rocket Pass Premium users

  • On ‘Double Goal’ and ‘Underpass’ Arenas, the Orange team goal displays Blue shields

  • [Nintendo Switch] Pushing the ball normally causes the supersonic ball wind audio sound to play

  • [Farmstead] Goal walls don't become invisible when camera is positioned behind the goal