Scheduled Release: June 5, 2019, 10:00 a.m. PDT / 5:00 p.m. UTC (All Platforms)


Monstercat (Antennae)

  • ‘Julian Calor’

  • ‘Snavs’

  • ‘Xilent’



  • ‘DeLorean Time Machine’ hitbox has been changed from Octane to Dominus

  • Lighting has been adjusted on ‘Salty Shores’ based on community feedback

Friends List

  • You can now block players through the in-game Friends List

  • Once you block a player, you will no longer receive notifications from them, and your online presence will not be visible to them

  • Remember that you may still be friends with this player through your platform’s friend’s list

    • Blocked players will appear in the new ‘Blocked Players’ list within the Friends List menu

  • You can unblock players by selecting them from your Blocked Players list, and choosing ‘Unblock Player’

Replay FX

  • ‘Scene Depth’ Image Filter and Vignette have been adjusted

  • Two new Replay FX Image Filters have been added

    • ‘Outlines’

    • ‘Subpar’



  • In Free Play, ball now properly launches upward when playing Hoops and Dropshot

  • Re-adjusted size of rear wheels on ‘’16 Batmobile’

  • Fixed an exploit that would display non-Certified Customization Items with a certification during trading

  • Fixed sorting by “Most Recent” in inventory

  • Fixed a bug with all three Slash Beam Rocket Boosts causing framerate issues

  • Preset colors no longer change unintentionally when changing to a new Preset at the end of a match

  • Fixed the Disruptor power-up in Rumble so it no longer affects boost pick-ups

  • [Xbox One] Fixed an exploit within chat that could disrupt a match

  • [Steam] Rapidly cycling through Presets will no longer close the game

  • Players can no longer jump infinitely when sitting on top of the ball while using Spikes in Rumble

  • Fixed an issue causing a Club Tag to be filtered for only one member of a Club during an Online Match

  • Completing a trade while opening a Crate and selecting ‘Equip Now’ will no longer close the game

  • Fixed a bug causing the “Minimum score threshold not met” message to appear erroneously at the end of a match

  • Adjusted effects inside the ‘Celestial’ Wheel

  • Fixed colors on the ‘RC Rivals’ Decals

  • Attempting to trade a recently-acquired item will no longer cancel or time out the trade


  • Ball indicator may not appear near the middle of Throwback Arena

  • [Salty Shores] Lighting in the arena may tint some Decals more blue than normal

  • One player’s car may be invisible at match start, will reappear after a goal is scored

  • Tournament creators may not be able to spectate Tournament matches

  • Several Wheels may show the rotor or hub clipping through on certain Car Bodies

  • [Nintendo Switch] Players may enter an Online Match stuck in an incorrect camera view until a goal is scored