Scheduled Release: April 30, 2019, 10:00 a.m. PDT / 5:00 p.m. UTC (All Platforms)



  • Echo effect on ball effect has been adjusted

  • Reduced dynamic range of game audio based on community reception and feedback



  • Adjusted volume of fireworks on Champions Field (all variants)

  • Corrected memory behavior to reduce occurrences of audio drop-outs

    • This may still occur when playing 4v4 Rumble on Salty Shores

  • Fixed the diagonal kickoff position on Champions Field

  • An appropriate Club Tag worn by multiple players in a match should no longer be filtered on only one of those players

  • Resolved increase of ‘Error 71’ matchmaking errors when trying to find an Online Match

  • Player Banners previewed on Crate and Rocket Pass menus will no longer incorrectly attach to your profile

  • Adjusted the Paint Finish on the ‘DeLorean Time Machine’

  • [Nintendo Switch] Rocket League should no longer freeze if using a profile not linked to a Nintendo Account

  • Friends List notifications will now appear while viewing Replays


  • [Switch] Depth of Field controls are disabled in Replay FX

  • Players may see an “XP not received” message despite earning enough points

  • Audio may drop out during a match for some players

  • Some players may see overlapping item-loading icons when starting the game after receiving a large number of new Customization Items

  • [Rumble] Some players may not be able to pick up boost after being hit with the Disruptor power-up

  • Crates received while playing may not stack with Crates in inventory, but they will stack correctly after a game restart

  • One player’s car may be invisible at match start, will reappear after a goal is scored