Scheduled Release: March 5, 2019, 10:00 a.m. PST / 6:00 p.m. UTC (All Platforms)



  • Adjusted audio balance, fader system, and HDR audio priority

  • Adjusted ‘Rocket Forge II’ Special Edition Wheels so they won’t clip through some Car Bodies anymore

  • Fixed a bug that affected the accent color on the ‘Biomass’ Decal

  • Adjusted diagonal kickoff locations on Champions Field to their original locations

  • Hoops: Removed extra rim on Blue team hoop while spectating

  • Steam Workshop maps affected by the Friends Update should no longer load to a black screen

  • Adjusted ‘Asik’ Special Edition’s level of detail when viewing in the lobby

  • Fixed a bug preventing some players from seeing the ‘View Player Profile’ option when selecting a player in the ‘Recent Players’ tab

  • Fixed an issue causing deleted friends to reappear after adding a platform friend through RocketID

  • On ‘Wasteland (Night)’, fixed a bug causing cars to respawn in the middle of the arena after a demolition

  • [Xbox One] Returning from suspended mode will not longer affect party invites or in-game chat


  • We continue to work on enabling same-platform Party invitations for players not on your Friends List

  • Dunk House: In Free Play, the Ball does not lift right after the user moves out of the kick-off position like it does in offline or online matches.

  • Friends List notifications will not appear while viewing Replays

  • An incorrect error message may appear if you try to change your Rocket ID if PsyNet is down