Rocket League Patch Notes v1.58 / Friends Update

Scheduled Release: February 19, 2019, 10:00 a.m. PST / 6:00 p.m. UTC (All Platforms)


  • New Friends List is accessible via the bottom menu bar

    • Each player now has a unique RocketID

  • Competitive Season 9 Rewards will be awarded to eligible accounts

  • Competitive Season 10 begins

  • ‘Curveball’ is now available as a Ball Physics Mutator


Friends List

  • The new Friends List allows you to add friends from other gaming platforms to Parties and Clubs.

  • Accessible on the bottom menu bar next to Party Chat, it has four distinct tabs:

    • Friends

      • This tab shows your Friends from the platform you’re playing on

      • You can invite these Friends to Parties and Clubs from this menu by clicking on their name

    • RocketID

      • This tab shows your Friends on other platforms that you’ve added via RocketID

      • From here, you can select “Add Friend by RocketID” to search for a friend’s ID

      • You can input their name if you don’t know their full tag to do a search

    • Recent Players

      • Displays the last 25 players you played with or against that you aren’t already friends with

    • Alerts

      • Shows any pending RocketID Friend Requests you’ve received as well as active Party Invites, Club Invites, and other Notifications

  • Your ‘RocketID’ is assigned the first time you log in using your name plus a random four-digit code

    • If your name doesn’t pass our language filter, you’ll be assigned a temporary, auto-generated name like Octane#1234

    • You can change your RocketID at any time for any reason via the RocketID Tab

  • Show RocketIDs: Hide your RocketID from displaying in your Friends List (Under Options > Interface)

    • Players can use this feature to hide their RocketID during a live broadcast

  • Notifications During Gameplay: Disable Friends List notifications during gameplay (Under Options > Interface)

Curveball Mutator

  • ‘Curveball’ is now available as a Ball Physics Mutator

    • Available in Local Matches, Private Matches, and Tournaments

    • When enabled, this Mutator adds a curve effect to the ball’s trajectory based on its spin.


  • Rocket League’s audio mix has been updated, including audio priority rebalancing, HDR audio, object elevation, and more

  • When watching a Replay, audio now appropriately speeds up or slows down along with the Replay video

Competitive Season 9 Rewards

  • Competitive Season 9 has ended. Titles and items will be awarded for your highest rank achieved during the season

    • Receiving Season 9 Rewards also requires successful completion of the appropriate Season Reward Levels

  • Season 9 Rewards are custom, non-tradeable Wheels

    • Bronze I or higher – Season 9 – Bronze Wheels

    • Silver I or higher – Season 9 – Silver Wheels + lower Wheels

    • Gold I or higher – Season 9 – Gold Wheels + lower Wheels

    • Platinum I or higher – Season 9 – Platinum Wheels + lower Wheels

    • Diamond I or higher – Season 9 – Diamond Wheels + lower Wheels

    • Champion I or higher – Season 9 – Champion Wheels + lower Wheels

  • Season 9 Grand Champion Rewards are unique new Titles

    • Competitive Grand Champion – ‘Season 9 – Grand Champion’ In-Game Title + all Season 9 Wheels

    • Rumble Grand Champion – ‘Season 9 – RNG Champ’ In-Game Title + all Season 9 Wheels

    • Dropshot Grand Champion – ‘Season 9 – Floor Destroyer’ In-Game Title + all Season 9 Wheels

    • Hoops Grand Champion – ‘Season 9 – Dunk Master’ In-Game Title + all Season 9 Wheels

    • Snow Day Grand Champion – ‘Season 9 – Blizzard Wizard’ In-Game Title + all Season 9 Wheels

Competitive Season 10

  • Competitive Season 10 begins

  • Season 10 brings a “soft reset” that requires you to do placement matches in each playlist to recalibrate your Rank

  • Winning half of your placement matches will land you near your previous season ranking

  • League Rankings will be temporarily empty until players complete their placement matches

  • All placement match wins count towards your Bronze Season Reward Level progress


  • Extra Modes (Dropshot, Hoops, Rumble, and Snow Day) are now available in Free Play

    • Extra Modes are only available on certain Arenas as labeled in the Free Play Arena selection window

  • You can now see how many Weekly Wins you have left on the experience screen at the end of a match

  • Game Stat Display Level: You can now control which in-game stat notifications you see during a match via the Options > Gameplay menu

    • No Stats: You will not receive any notification during matches

    • Main Stats Only: notifications for the following will appear:

      • Assist

      • Epic Save

      • Goal

      • Save

      • Shot

      • Demolition

    • All Stats: All in-game notifications are displayed

  • "Input Buffer" option added to the Gameplay Options menu

    • This setting controls which method the game uses to send your gameplay inputs to our servers. These methods are:

      • Legacy - The default option used since Rocket League launched.

      • STS (Sim Time Scaling) - This allows the game server to instruct your client to very subtly speed up or slow down in order to maintain a smooth input stream.

      • CSTS (Continuous Sim Time Scaling) - A more aggressive version of STS that uses a continuous feedback loop to determine game speed.

    • Both STS and CSTS are newer strategies for latency mitigation that may be more effective for players with connectivity issues, spotty Wi-Fi, etc. than the Legacy method

    • If you experience connectivity issues during a match, you should try switching from Legacy to STS or CSTS. If you see no improvement, change back to Legacy



  • Fixed a bug preventing players from reconnecting to a match after a disconnection from the server

    • Please note that you will still not be able to rejoin if the match you were in has already ended

  • Fixed a bug causing spectator camera control UI to reappear after any goal is scored

  • Tournament creators no longer receive an error when trying to spectate matches

  • [Xbox One] The game app will no longer crash when returning from a suspended state when using Instant-on Mode

  • Fixed a bug causing trades involving 80 or more Keys to fail

  • Goal Explosions should no longer play on repeat after backing out of the Crate preview screen

  • Unrelated Customization Items will no longer appear under the ‘Body’ tab after rapidly opening and closing the Garage menu

  • Chat sound no longer plays when entering Training while in a Party

  • Items will appear correctly in the trade window after removing and re-adding to the trade

  • Keys obtained through Rocket Pass will now stack with other Keys in your inventory

  • [Switch] The UI will no longer lag when scrolling through a long list of friends

  • The Special Edition label now appears when a Special Edition item is unlocked in Rocket Pass


  • Dunk House: In Free Play, the Ball does not lift right after the user moves out of the kick-off position like it does in offline or online matches.

  • Friends List notifications will not appear while viewing Replays

  • An incorrect error message may appear if you try to change your Rocket ID if PsyNet is down

  • [Xbox One] Players may not be able to accept party invites via Xbox One notifications if Rocket League is suspended

  • [Xbox One] In-game chat is replaced with asterisks (except for quick chat) after loading the game from suspended mode

  • [Steam, Xbox] Adding a same platform friend through RocketID may cause previously deleted friends to reappear

  • When previewing the Special Edition ‘Asik’ Wheel in the lobby or Garage, it may appear to have a low level of detail

  • When spectating a Hoops match, the Blue goal displays an additional vertically-oriented net