• “Champions Field” is now available in all Playlists, and in Private Matches
  • Engine Audio, Goal Explosions, and Trails have been added as Car Customization categories
  • “Overdrive” Crate has been added
  • “Champions” Crate Series has been retired
  • Competitive Season 4 has ended, and Season 4 Rewards are being distributed to qualifying players
  • Competitive Season 5 is beginning
  • Rick and Morty items are now available as drops after all matches



  • “Champions Field” is now available in all Playlists, and in Private Matches
  • “Starbase ARC” has been updated with new visuals and reduced brightness
  • Boost pads are now standardized in all standard Arenas


  • “Overdrive” Crate has been added
  • When received, the Overdrive Crate will display as “Crate - Overdrive” in your inventory
  • “Champions” Crate Series has been retired


  • Trails are now available in the Car Customization menu
  • Trails appear behind the Wheels when your Battle-Car goes SuperSonic
  • Every player has the “Classic” Trail by default
  • More Trails are available in the Overdrive Crate

Goal Explosions

  • Goal Explosions are now available in the Car Customization menu
    • Every player has the “Classic” Goal Explosion by default
    • New Goal Explosions are available as Common drops after all online and offline matches:
      • “Standard Green”
      • “Standard Orange”
      • “Standard Pink”
      • “Standard Purple”
    • More Goal Explosions are available in the Overdrive Crate

Engine Audio

  • Engine Audio is now available in the Car Customization menu
  • You have access to Engine Audio for every Battle-Car you own
  • The Engine Audio can be changed on any Battle-Car in your Garage
    • Licensed Battle-Cars are excluded
  • Engine Audio for all existing Battle-Cars has been updated
    • Legacy Engine Audio is still available as an Engine Audio customization option

Community Flags

  • “Gfinity” (Updated)
  • “X Games”
  • “Monstercat”


  • “J!NX”


  • “Monstercat”

Rick and Morty

  • Rick and Morty items are now available as drops after matches
    • “Interdimensional GB” Boost
    • “Sanchez DC-137” Wheel
    • “Rick” Antenna
    • “Morty” Antenna
    • “Cromulon” Topper
    • “Mr. PBH” Topper
    • “Mr. Meeseeks” Topper

RLCS Season Three World Championship Attendee Item

  • Players who attended the RLCS Season Three World Championship in June can now redeem their in-game item (these codes will be sent out later in July)
    • Item: “Decennium Pro” Wheels
      • To redeem, go to the “Extras” menu, select “Redeem Code,” and enter your unique code
      • These wheels are not tradeable

Achievements and Trophies

  • Storm Trooper
    • Equip a Very Rare Item and complete a game in an Arena with turbulent weather
  • Good Times
    • Head to Champions Field and complete an Online game
  • Swap Meet
    • Trade and receive one or more items with another player in a single transaction
  • Trade Secret
    • Trade In five items of the same quality to receive an item of the next-highest quality
  • Rank Up
    • Complete all placement matches in any Competitive Playlist
      • Note: This achievement will unlock for you after playing one match in any Playlist where you have already achieved Rank.
  • Coming On Strong
    • Score or Assist a combined 30 goals or assists in Casual or Competitive Online matches



  • Players now have 50 Car Preset slots, up from ten
  • A “Change Preset” button has been added to the end of game lobby. You can now change to another Battle-Car preset without exiting a match
  • “Dodge Deadzone” added to Controls Options.
    • This setting allows you to control how far you must tilt the controller stick to activate a directional dodge move in the air instead of double jumping.
    • The default value of 0.5 means you must move the stick at least half of the way towards your intended direction to dodge instead of double jump.
    • The maximum value of 1.0 means you must move the stick all the way in a direction to trigger a dodge.
  • Rocket Trails have been renamed Rocket Boosts
  • Pressing Start when selecting Online Playlists now starts the matchmaking search
  • The Boost Meter and Rumble Powerup are now displayed when watching a player in Spectator Mode
  • The Boost Meter and Rumble Powerup now display during Replays
  • A pop-up window will appear when exiting a match when you have indicated you wanted a replay, but did not save a replay
  • A “Maintenance Mode” message has been added to the matchmaking ticker. You will see this only when PsyNet is undergoing maintenance
  • “High Contrast Nameplates” now default to ON. This can be reverted in the Options Menu

Competitive Season 4

  • Competitive Season 4 has ended. Titles and items will be awarded for your highest rank achieved during the season. Season 4 Rewards are custom, non-tradeable Trails
    • “Season 4 - Bronze” Trail
    • “Season 4 - Silver” Trail
    • “Season 4 - Gold” Trail
    • “Season 4 - Platinum” Trail
    • “Season 4 - Diamond” Trail
    • “Season 4 - Champion” Trail
    • “Season 4 Grand Champion” Title
      • Season 4 Grand Champions will also receive the “Season 4 - Champion” Trail

Competitive Season 5

  • Competitive Season 5 has begun
  • New for Season 5 is the “Season Reward Level,” a new type of Skill Tier progression
    • Your skill ratings are carried over directly from Season 4 into Season 5
    • You do not have to play placement games this season
    • Players will compete against opponents of the same skill ranking to earn wins that count towards your Season 5 Reward Level
    • Each level requires 12 wins against players of the same Skill Tier or higher
      • Ex: A Bronze player must win 12 games against Bronze Skill Tier players or higher in order to unlock Bronze-level Season Rewards
    • Losses do not affect your win count progression

Car Standardization Changes

  • Implemented a new type of car standardization that minimizes differences in handling and hitbox between cars of the same “type”. For this initial release, this affects the following cars:
    • “Octane” Type: Octane, Octane ZSR, Takumi, Takumi RX-T
    • “Dominus” Type: Dominus, Dominus GT, Hotshot
    • “Plank” Type: Batmobile, Mantis, Paladin, Twin Mill, Centio V17
    • “Breakout” Type: Breakout, Breakout Type-S, Animus GP
      • Note: The Breakout hitbox has been widened slightly. This affects all cars using its standard type.
    • “Hybrid” Type: Venom, X-Devil, Endo
      • Note: This is a new type that offers a middle ground between “Octane”-type and “Dominus”-type hitboxes.

User Interface

  • The “Find Match” window has been updated
    • Casual and Competitive Playlist categories are now separated by dedicated tabs
    • The game will remember your last chosen category
  • A new “Recommended” Server Region has replaced the “Select All” option
    • Recommended servers are any servers with good ping
    • Good ping is defined as 100 ms or below
  • A new warning pop-up message has been added to the trading screen
    • After you invite a player to trade, a new message will appear with several trade-related disclaimers
    • Players have the option to disable the message upon first viewing


  • Engine Audio for all Battle-Cars has been revised (see “Engine Audio” under “New Content” above)
  • The Music Playlist UI has been updated
    • Rocket League Radio: Players can now select specific soundtrack playlists, or choose all playlists
  • The “Rocket League x Monstercat” playlist has been added with 18 new songs



  • Updated Car Bumping and Demolition
    • Fixed a bug with Car Bumps and Demolishes that could cause them to be ignored at wider collision angles
    • Fixed an issue where Supersonic FX would stay active despite the car falling below the minimum speed to Demolish opponents
  • Fixed an issue with ball bounces off of the junctions between curved and flat wall segments. These bounces should now be more consistent than before
  • Changed car suspension code to reduce the likelihood of getting stuck when driving up curved surfaces
  • Centers, Saves, and other related stats now work correctly when the “No Goal Reset” Mutator is active
  • Ball should no longer get “stuck” in Free Play Training
  • Party members that go directly to Free Play Training from the post match screen will no longer prevent Party leaders from matchmaking
  • Players will no longer receive a matchmaking ban if they leave a Competitive match during the final goal replay
  • Fixed a bug with the “Hexed” and “Snakeskin” decals that changed their look in the v1.34 update.
  • Wheel effects no longer flicker when browsing or equipping other items in the Garage
  • Loading screen now correctly displays all information when joining a Rumble or Dropshot match
  • [Steam] Additional player names in Splitscreen Mode are now correctly displayed in the Party Bar
  • Duplicate item sound no longer plays when scrolling through items in the Garage
  • Nitro Crate localization has been updated for Portuguese and Turkish languages
  • Ball Cannon properly disappears between shots in Custom Training levels
  • [PS4] Cars with three painted items or more equipped will correctly appears in other Party Member’s lobbies
  • Adjusted the “Crazy Sandwich” Decal on the Ice Charger
  • An idle warning now appears when viewing the midgame menu
  • Appearance of the ball indicator and direction indicator on Aquadome have been adjusted