Hello, Rocket League players! We hope you’re enjoying the Rumble update that rolled out last week. So far, over four million Rumble games have been played since Thursday! Needless to say, this has led to some pretty amazing goals (and saves!).

Today we’re following up the Rumble update with a hotfix to address playability issues across multiple platforms. See the full list below. Note: Despite the hot fix, Xbox One players may still encounter issues with tracking and unlocking distance-based Achievements. We are still investigating this problem and will update you with more info when we have more.



  • Xbox One framerate / performance issue has been resolved.
  • Certified and Painted item drops will no longer appear as Common items until the game has been restarted.
  • Rocket Trail audio issues have been resolved.
    • “Doppler Effect” for local players has been removed.
    • Audio pitch for non-local players has been reduced.
  • Rumble Mode: Using the Grappling Hook or Plunger on the ball as it enters the goal and explodes will no longer cause the game to lag and/or crash to the main menu.



  • Rumble servers now include the “Octagon” and “Pillars” Rocket Labs maps in the random map selection.