Platforms: Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
Scheduled Release: 4/7/2021, 8 a.m. PDT / 3 p.m. UTC


  • Season 3 is live on all platforms. No game client update is required
  • Season 3 Rocket Pass, featuring the new car Tyranno, has begun
  • The new Arena ‘DFH Stadium (Circuit)’ can be found in Online Playlists, Private Matches, and Free Play
  • Season 2 Competitive Rewards have been distributed to all eligible accounts


Rocket Pass

  • Season 3 Rocket Pass, featuring the new car Tyranno, has begun
    • Tyranno uses the ‘Dominus’ hitbox
  • As part of our commitment to removing uncertainty from in-game purchases, we have made the following updates to Pro Tiers
    • Pro Tier Rewards are now consistent for all players
    • Pro Tier Rewards are visible before unlocking
    • All Pro Tier Rewards feature a Painted attribute
      • Special Edition items will appear occasionally
      • Not every Painted Special Edition combination is obtainable
      • In order to standardize Pro Tier rewards, Certified items will no longer drop in Rocket Pass. Certified items can still be found on items obtained via Blueprints, the Item Shop, and Fan Rewards
  • Pro Tier purchasing is available once again if desired


  • Season 3 Tournaments are now available
    • New Tournament Rewards and Titles have been added
  • Adjusted the scoreboard to make series score more readable
  • Remaining Season 2 Tournament Credits have been converted into All-Star Cups
    • 0-12,000 Tournament Credits — receive 1 All-Star Cup
    • 12,001-24,000 Tournament Credits — receive 2 All-Star Cups
    • 24,001-36,000 Tournament Credits — receive 3 All-Star Cups
    • etc


  • Stage 1 Challenges for Season 3 are now live
  • Added an unlock countdown timer for Seasonal Challenge Stages


  • Season 3 Competitive has begun
  • Season 3 Changes
    • 3v3 Standard, 2v2 Doubles
      • Adjusted MMR thresholds to address underpopulation in Diamond ranks and above. These ranks were significantly less populated than in previous seasons, so we are bringing their requirements into line for Season 3.
      • Each Tier from Champion I through Grand Champion III will have a slightly wider MMR range than in Season 2
      • Supersonic Legend is not affected by these changes
    • Extra Modes
      • Each tier’s MMR range is now narrower to better reflect the skill distribution of these playlists. In practice, this means that Champion+ ranks are reachable at lower MMR numbers.
    • All Modes
      • Reduced the intensity of the MMR compression we apply for new seasons
      • High-Tier players will not drop as much with this soft reset compared to previous Seasons


New Arena

  • ‘DFH Stadium (Circuit)’ can be found in Online Playlists, Private Matches, and Free Play
    • Try not to race around the track too much during Competitive Matches

Season 2 Competitive Rewards

  • Season 2 Competitive has ended. Season Reward Items and Titles will be awarded for your highest Rank achieved during the season, and successful completion of the appropriate Season Reward Levels.
  • Season 2 Rewards are custom, non-tradable Rocket Boosts
    • Bronze I or higher: ‘S2 - Bronze’
    • Silver I or higher: ‘S2 - Silver’
    • Gold I or higher: ‘S2 - Gold’
    • Platinum I or higher: ‘S2 - Platinum’
    • Diamond I or higher: ‘S2 - Diamond’
    • Champion I or higher: ‘S2 - Champion’
    • Grand Champion I or higher: ‘S2 - Grand Champion’
    • Supersonic Legend: ‘S2 - Supersonic Legend’
  • Grand Champion Titles (in Crimson text)
    • Competitive Grand Champion: "S2 GRAND CHAMPION"
    • Rumble Grand Champion: "S2 RNG CHAMP"
    • Hoops Grand Champion: "S2 DUNK MASTER"
    • Snow Day Grand Champion: "S2 BLIZZARD WIZARD"
    • Dropshot Grand Champion: "S2 FLOOR DESTROYER"
  • Supersonic Legend Titles (in Titanium White text)
    • Competitive: "S2 SUPERSONIC LEGEND"
    • Rumble: "S2 RNGENIUS"
    • Hoops: "S2 LEGENDARY BALLER"
    • Snow Day: "S2 ICE TITAN"
    • Dropshot: "S2 TILE ANNIHILATOR"