Version: Rocket League v1.88

Platforms: Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

Scheduled Release: 12/8/2020, 4 p.m. PDT / 12/9/2020, 12 a.m. UTC


  • Esports Shop redesign

  • Enhanced Xbox Series X|S support

  • New content creator community flags

SunlessKhan FlagNEW CONTENT

Community Flags

  • ‘Athena’

  • ‘FluuMP’

  • ‘JohnnyBoi_i’

  • ‘JonSandman’

  • ‘JZR’

  • ‘Lethamyr’

  • ‘Linkuru’

  • ‘MERTZY’

  • ‘Musty’

  • ‘PhantomACE’

  • ‘SunlessKhan’

Monstercat Flags

  • ‘Au5’

  • ‘Chime’

  • ‘Jack Newsome’

  • ‘Rome in Silver’

  • ‘Sullivan King’


Enhanced Xbox Series X|S Support

  • For players on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, a new “Video Quality” dropdown is now available under Settings > Video. This allows you to play Rocket League with either “Performance” or “Quality” settings as detailed below:

  • Xbox Series X

    • Quality: 4K resolution at 60 FPS with HDR 

    • Performance: Game runs at 2688x1512 at 120 FPS with HDR 

    • Game UI displays at 4K 

  • Xbox Series S

    • Quality: 1080p Resolution at 60 FPS with HDR 

    • Performance: Game runs at 1344x756 at 120 FPS with HDR 

    • Game UI displays at 1080p

  • Enhanced support requires compatible displays and HDMI cables. Learn more about compatibility here

Tactical Quick Chat

  • A new ‘Tactical Quick Chat Only,” option is now available under Settings > Gameplay > Text Chat

  • When enabled, all chat messages will be invisible to you except the following Quick Chats:

    • All yours.

    • Centering!

    • Defending…

    • Go for it!

    • I got it!

    • In position.

    • Incoming!

    • Need boost!

    • Take the shot!

    • Faking.

    • Bumping!

    • On your left.

    • On your right.

    • Passing!

New Esports ShopEsports Shop

  • The Esports Shop has been redesigned from the ground up

  • The Shop is now separated into regions -- North America and Europe

  • Each team is fully visible in their region’s part of the Esports Shop

  • Item rotation has been removed

    • All available items can be purchased directly from your favorite team's Esports Shop page


  • Made several aesthetic and color changes

  • Changed name of ‘Options’ to ‘Settings’ in the main menu and throughout the game

  • In the post-match screen, a new ‘Options’ button displays the following:

    • Mute/Report Player

    • Change Presets

    • Settings


  • [Nintendo Switch] Splitscreen play is back!

  • [Nintendo Switch] Fixed a bug causing tabs to automatically scroll with viewing inventory

  • Adjusted exhaust flames on the Imperator DT5

Looking for known issues and bugs in Rocket League? Please visit the Known Issues page for more information.