The Rocket League Championship Series is just over a week away and we are excited to kick-off the largest tournament in Rocket League history! Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve heard feedback from the community and we’ve made a few changes to the Official Rules.

We wanted to highlight some of the changes to look out for while you read them over:

  • Map banning has been removed from the rules
  • Added clarification for the Group Stage rules.
    • Each matchup in the Group Stage is a five-game series in which teams play all five games.
    • The Group Stage does not utilize the “Best-of-five” format.
  • Expanded rules on substitutions during a series
  • Expanded rules on server re-hosting procedure
  • Expanded rules for handling disconnects in online matches
  • Expanded rules concerning dispute reporting and handling
  • Added rule provisions prohibiting gambling on RLCS matches
  • Specified sponsorship restrictions for teams
  • Expanded rules to allow physical thumbstick mods

Make sure you read and familiarize yourself with all the Official Rules before competing. Stay up-to-date on all things RLCS by following us on Twitter @RLCS and at