The NASCAR 2021 Fan Pack in Rocket League is getting even better. We are thrilled to announce that five new teams are being added to the bundle that will be free for existing owners starting today! 

Earlier this year in May, we released the NASCAR 2021 Fan Pack featuring the NASCAR Ford Mustang, NASCAR Chevrolet Camaro, NASCAR Toyota Camry, and nine racing team Decals for some of the top drivers in the sport. Today, we're adding five additional Teams to the bundle including: 

  • Stewart-Haas Racing #14 (NASCAR Ford Mustang)

  • JTG Daugherty Racing #47 (NASCAR Chevrolet Camaro)

  • Hendrick Motorsports #48 (NASCAR Chevrolet Camaro)

  • Trackhouse Racing #99 (NASCAR Chevrolet Camaro)

  • Joe Gibbs Racing #11 (NASCAR Toyota Camry)

Plus, each of these five teams will get their own Player Banner as well! Check out the new Decals in the slideshow below. 

All existing owners of the NASCAR 2021 Fan Pack will receive these items for free by simply redeeming them from the Item Shop. If you already own the NASCAR 2021 Fan Pack, go to the "Bonus Bundle" tab in the Item Shop and hit the Redeem button. The Fan Pack will speed back in the Item Shop for anyone who missed it from November 4 through November 10 and will be available for 2000 Credits. Players can also grab the new NASCAR Logo Player Banner in the Item Shop for free during that same time. 

We hope you enjoy repping these new teams in the NASCAR 2021 Fan Pack. Get ready to start your engines!