Following today's game update at 4 p.m. PDT (11 p.m. UTC), look out for a new Item Series consisting of classics from Rocket League history! The Select Favorites Item Series will appear as Blueprints starting today. 

Players receive Blueprints for an item after some Online Matches. Once you receive a Blueprint, you can then choose to build that item from the Blueprint using Credits. Items from the Select Favorites Series will be added to the Blueprint pool after today's update.

Here's everything you can expect to see:



  • Clodhopper Wheels

  • Abtruse Decal

  • Dragon Lord Decal 

  • Edge Burst Fennec Decal

  • NeOctane Player Banner


Very Rare

  • Cristiano Wheels (always Painted)

  • Glaive Wheels

  • Lightspeed Trail

  • Goop Decal 

  • Ombre Fennec Decal



  • Fennec car

  • Dark Matter Boost

  • Sun Ray Boost

  • Sovereign A/T Wheel

  • Vampire Bat Goal Explosion 



  • Illuminata Wheel

  • Pyrrhos Wheel


Black Market

  • Hellfire Goal Explosion

  • Slipstream Decal

Don't forget that each of these items will have a chance to appear as Painted and Certified variants, plus the Blueprints themselves and the items made from Blueprints are tradeable! Good luck!