When we first introduced the casual Rocket Labs playlist earlier this year, we promised additional arenas that would be introduced over time for inclusion in the rotation. Now we’re making good on that guarantee with “Pillars” in June!

Available in the Rocket Labs playlist for both Online and offline Exhibition play, the visual aesthetic for “Pillars” will continue its tipped hat towards virtual-reality — only this time, with a gameplay emphasis on using multiple walls to your advantage. As you can tell from the screenshots, the “Pillars” title will be quite literal since two huge uprights loom over the middle of the arena.

These pillars separate the arena into three lanes, with the goals on each side lining up the center lane. Banking shots off the tall columns in the middle of the arena makes for some incredible moments and driving up the walls and flying down on the competition feels just right.

Stay tuned for more reveals centered on our June update in the coming weeks via @RocketLeague or Facebook!