Rocket League is celebrating Black History Month all month long with new FREE Player Anthems in the Item Shop! These new Player Anthems, which feature historic artists and songs that have influenced hundreds of hits throughout the years, will be available all month long for free in the "Behind The Samples" tab in-game. 

This new collection of songs called "Behind The Samples" includes famous funk groups Detroit Emeralds, Ohio Players, and The Winstons. Even if you haven't heard their original hits (and we highly recommend you listen to them ASAP), you've probably heard popular songs that have borrowed the beat or melody. 

The Detroit Emeralds were active in the '60s and '70s and made several hits that reached the R&B Top 10 as well as the pop charts at the time. Their songs live on today through samples used by Kendrick Lamar, Common, Nas, and many others. 

The Winstons are a Grammy-winning group out of Washington, D.C. The group is best known for their drum solos, especially the famous “Amen Break” sample. This 6-second section is the most sampled piece of music of all time and was a key ingredient in creating the Drum and Bass and Jungle genres.

The Ohio Players formed in Dayton, Ohio, and are members of the Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame. The group has had nearly a dozen albums hit the top 100 U.S. Pop Chart, including 1974's "Fire" that reached number 1. 

Here are the three songs included in the collection:

Claim these Player Anthems now through the end of the month. We hope you enjoy hearing these classics as we honor these legendary musicians that changed music forever.

And that's not all! We're partnering up with Rocket League community members Dazerin, TBates, Roll Dizz, and Jayski to run special events and to make awesome content all month long. For starters, First Touch will feature special Black History Month content pieces throughout all shows in February. Stay tuned to the First Touch podcast on Wednesdays to hear more about plans and events throughout the month! 

We hope you enjoy these events and content all throughout Black History Month!