Get ready to get TACTICAL on June 3! The classic Rumble mode has evolved into Tactical Rumble, giving players more options to use the right power-up at the right time. 

Just like standard Rumble, matches are classic 3v3 soccar with power-ups leading to unpredictable play and hilarious goals. But in Tactical Rumble, instead of having just one random power-up, players will receive three to choose from. Once used, your three power-ups will reset after a cooldown period, giving you three new options. But as Rumble players know, not all power-ups are equal. That's why certain power-ups have different cooldown times before your next set of power-ups appear. Here's each power-up's cooldown time:


10-Second Cooldown
  • Tornado: Sweep up the ball and opposing cars into a giant funnel cloud
  • Car Swapper: Change positions on the field with your opponent
  • Disruptor: Forces your opponent to drive uncontrollably
15-Second Cooldown
  • Power Hitter: Allows you to hit the ball harder and demo opponents on contact
  • Grappling Hook: Pulls you towards the ball
  • The Boot: Kicks an opponent’s car
20-Second Cooldown
  • Magnetizer: Attracts the ball to your car
  • Freezer: Freezes the ball in-place

25-Second Cooldown
  • Plunger: Grabs the ball via plunger and cord
  • Haymaker: Punches the ball with great force
  • Spikes: Attach the ball to your car


Tactical Rumble will be available as an LTM from June 3 through June 7. So, assemble your team, and choose your power-ups wisely! 

Update: We have updated this blog with correct cooldown timing for the Plunger, Haymaker, and Spikes