The 2021 NFL Season is at full speed! As teams get ready for the annual showdowns on Thanksgiving Day, Rocket League is adding the next set of Decals and more to the 2021 NFL Fan Pass on November 23!

Anyone who purchased the 2021 NFL Fan Pass will automatically receive the latest bundle including Animated Octane Decals, Team Player Banners, and Antennas for all 32 NFL Teams! For those who missed it, the Fan Pass will be available in the Item Shop for one week from November 23 through November 30. Check out some of the new items in the art above and the slideshow below.

In case you missed the 2021 NFL Fan Pass when it was released to kick off the 2021 NFL Season back in September, you have another chance to get access to three bundles of content throughout the NFL Season for one price! Buy it once for 1000 Credits, and get it all! Not only will you unlock the Octane Decals, Player Banners, and Antennas mentioned above, but you'll also get 32 Team Dominus Decals and the Pigskin Paint Finish that released earlier this season, as well as content being added to the NFL Fan Pass in the future. 

To commemorate the return of NFL in Rocket League, Gridiron is coming back as the featured LTM all week long! Jump into this fan-favorite mode, plus go long and complete Event Challenges while the 2021 Fan Pass is in the Item Shop. These two Challenges will unlock the NFL Logo Player Banner, and the NFL Avatar Border. Be sure to unlock them before time runs out! 

With the Gridiron LTM mode returning, we're also bringing back the Gridiron Games! Get ready to watch Rocket League pros and content creators team up with and compete for football dominance on November 23. And, NFL stars Cam Jordan, Mark Ingram, and Mecole Hardman on the commentary desk! Check out the whole list of participants below, and tune into the action hosted by Dazerin and Roll Dizz LIVE on our Twitch channel on November 23 at 3:00pm PST (11 p.m. UTC)!

  • AyyJayy

  • Chell

  • Comm

  • FeFe

  • NikkiJustine

  • Nursie

  • OSM

  • Retals

  • Rocket Sledge

  • SadJunior

  • Satthew

  • Spoodah

  • Tho

  • TriHouse

  • Tox

  • Virge

There's still more coming to the 2021 NFL Fan Pass later this season, so look out for the final bundle of content featuring Team Fennec Decals, Team Breakout Decals, and more as we approach Super Bowl LVI!