Rocket League wouldn't be where it is today without its passionate community of content creators and their millions of fans all around the world. The creativity that comes from that content never ceases to amaze us at Psyonix. That's why starting with an update next month, we're adding new Community Flags so fans can show their support on the field! 

Check out the list of all the new Community Flags hitting the game next month, and be sure to see them up close in the slideshow below.

Community Flags

(Also, for all the JonSandman fans out there, his flag is coming back to Rocket League next month, too! Keep an eye out for his flag when the update drops.)

Thank you to all the creators listed above, and the many, many others who stream, and upload new, entertaining Rocket League content every single day. We appreciate you! Don't forget you can also support these creators with the Support-A-Creator Program. Simply input the creator code of your choice in the Item Shop menu. For those looking to be added to the Support-A-Creator Program, be sure to check out the Support-A-Creator page for more info.

Be on the lookout in December for the exact timing of the next game update.