Catch Me in an Octane 

Rocket League’s celebration of music is back! Led by Florida rapper Cochise, this year’s Neon Nights kicks the year off with blasting beats and a high-energy soundtrack. Throughout the Event, players can earn musical Challenge Rewards inspired by Cochise, jump into chaotic Limited Time Modes, or collect Golden Moons. Oh, and don’t forget to check the Item Shop for two free Items!

The inspection begins on January 25 at 9 a.m. PST.



Neon Nights feat. Cochise

Fueled by a daily diet of anime and video games, Platinum recording artist Cochise made some major waves last year including releasing his sophomore album and landing a coveted spot in XXL’s future-defining 2022 Freshman Class. Now we’re welcoming his high-pitched vocals into the world of Neon Nights! 

With Cochise’s hyperactive tracks setting the mood, Neon Nights offers a fresh batch of signature Items for your collecting pleasure. Right off the jump, Cochise enters the Arena with “LONG WAY”, his newest track written specifically for Rocket League! The track will also be available in-game as a Player Anthem.

Alongside this new song, you can earn Challenge Rewards like the INSPECTION Decal, Topper, and Avatar Border. The bass-boosted bars keep flowing with the TURN IT UP Player Anthem, or hit up the Item shop to grab the POCKET ROCKET Player Anthem.

Throughout the Event, players can earn up to five Golden Moons that unlock Items from the Zephyr, Victory, and Overdrive Item Series’. Golden Moons work the same way as previous Golden rewards⁠—complete the Challenge up to five times to earn Golden Moons, then open them in your Inventory to unlock items.


Neon Nights Challenge Rewards

  • Cochise Decal (Breakout) 

  • Cochise Player Banner

  • INSPECTION Decal (Octane)


  • INSPECTION Avatar Border


  • POCKET ROCKET Player Banner 

  • MR. PROFESSOR Wheels

  • TURN IT UP Player Anthem

  • LONG WAY Player Anthem

Item Shop

  • "The Inspector" Player Title (FREE)

  • Cochise Antenna (FREE)

  • POCKET ROCKET Player Anthem (200 Credits)



Limited Time Modes

Week 1 kicks off on January 25 with Spike Rush, a prickly Mode where every car is fully carpeted in Spikes. You’ll need to be careful because whoever skewers the ball will temporarily lose their ability to boost, giving the other team plenty of room for an epic interception!

Next, we’ll see Speed Demon race into the game from February 1 to 7. As the name implies, this Mode makes everything fast fast fast. Unlimited double-strength boost, supercharged ball speed, demos on contact, and a 1-second respawn timer make quick reflexes a must.


Turn it up with Neon Nights from January 25 to February 7!