It’s almost May the 4th, and new items inspired by the Star Wars galaxy are entering Rocket League at lightspeed! 

⁠Take on Challenges to unlock items based on the fastest sport in the Star Wars universe: podracing. Also, in the Shop, you’ll find the Beskar Car Body based on the galaxy’s most durable metal. Customize Beskar with Decals reminiscent of legendary Mandalorian warriors! This galactic time of year happens in Rocket League now ’til May 20 at 6 PM PT.

Beskar Car Body with Beskar (Din Djarin) Wheels.jpg

⁠⁠Complete Challenges, You Will 

Think you’re as good at Soccar as Anakin is at podracing? Then prove it by taking on these three Challenges for in-game rewards!

⁠Hit the ball 200 times in online matches to unlock the high-voltage Energy Binders Trail. Manage to land 30 aerial hits above the top of the goal, or 30 goals in online matches, and you’ll unlock the slickest paint job on Tatooine: Anakin’s Podracer Decal. Try not to get any sand on it. 

⁠Does your balance lean more towards the dark side? Win ten online matches using the Energy Binders Trail to unlock the Darth Maul Decal! Fear is your ally. 

Energy Binders Trail, Anakin’s Podracer Decal, and Darth Maul Decal.jpg

⁠A Bundle Made from Pure Mandalorian Alloy

The best things are made of Beskar! Follow the way of the Mandalore with the Beskar Bundle containing the Beskar Car Body. This Car Body is inspired by Din Djarin’s armor, and roars like a Star Wars ship as you zoom around the arena. 

⁠The Beskar Bundle also comes with a shipment of Decals and Wheels based on four other iconic Star Wars characters, including Jedi apprentice Sabine Wren!

⁠Beskar Bundle (2700 Credits)

  • Beskar Car Body (Hybrid Hitbox)
  • Beskar (Din Djarin) Wheels
  • The Armorer Beskar Decal
  • Beskar (The Armorer) Wheels
  • Boba Fett Beskar Decal
  • Beskar (Boba Fett) Wheels
  • Bo-Katan Kryze Beskar Decal
  • Beskar (Bo-Katan Kryze) Wheels
  • Sabine Wren Beskar Decal
  • Beskar (Sabine Wren) Wheels
Beskar Car Body with Sabine Wren Decal and Beskar (Sabine Wren) Wheels.jpg

⁠Want to smuggle even more cargo? Then check out the Darth Maul Wheels (400 credits), Red Lightsaber Boost (400 credits), and The Mandalorian Player Anthem by Ludwig Göransson (300 credits) in the Featured Shop tab. This is the way.

Important transmission: All the Challenge and Shop items in this crossover (excluding The Mandalorian Player Anthem) are eligible for cross-game ownership, meaning you’re able to use them in Fortnite! 

Living up to a legendary bounty hunter takes a lot longer than one day, which is why Rocket League’s May the 4th event lasts over two weeks! The saga will conclude on May 20.