It’s been just over a year since we first introduced the Language Ban system to Rocket League, which means: Happy Belated Birthday, ‘Thor.’ (And yes, that IS what we call it internally!)

In celebration of that birthday, we thought it useful to share some quick stats regarding how the system limits toxicity and player harassment on an ongoing basis. That means that since activating the system on August 2, 2017, ‘Thor’ has...

  • Levied over 520,000 bans on more than 283,000 accounts

  • Of these accounts, 66% were banned once, and 34% were banned multiple times (including both Game and Chat Bans)

  • 94.4% of players banned once have returned to online play after the ban was served

  • 66% of all bans are Game Bans; 34% are Chat Bans, which were introduced earlier this year

  • All of the bans back-to-back accumulate to over 2,700 years, 142,000 weeks, or more than 86,210,000,000 seconds

We’re still working on evolving this system as we strive to keep Rocket League a fun, all-ages-friendly environment. That will include adding real-time language filtering that we believe will make an appearance later this year. We'll keep you updated when we have more to share!