Happy weekend, Rocket League players! Now that we’ve seen Crates and Keys in action all over the world, we are taking steps today to ensure a happy and healthy in-game economy.

Effective immediately, we are making a worldwide adjustment to Key prices on Steam. These new adjustments will use existing USD key prices as a base (USD $1.49 individually; $4.99 for five keys, $9.99 for ten keys, and $19.99 for 20 keys) and will more closely align all markets.

This alignment is necessary because Keys are part of Rocket League's active economy. Some price adjustments are more dramatic than others, but are necessary to reflect the appropriate and approximate value of the keys regardless of your country of purchase.

Expect to see Key price adjustments on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the near future as well (price changes are a longer, more involved process on consoles).

Thanks for your continued support!