Hey everyone!

Following the release of the Arcade Playlists, we saw a lot of feedback about the desire to more meaningfully influence the Extra Modes in these slots. And while we understand some players want their favorite modes in the game permanently, it’s important that we balance the number of active modes to ensure high quality matches and reasonable matchmaking times. 

Today we’re excited to introduce the new Dueling Arcade Playlist system to help address the above feedback. This new system allows the community to keep a favorite mode in the game almost indefinitely! Like before, there are two Arcade Playlists that rotate through existing Extra Modes. With the new system, the most popular mode after a week will remain available the next week, while the less popular one will cycle out and return at a later date. 


If the two Extra Modes are generally unpopular on a given week, we’ll replace both the next week with Extra Modes we expect will be more exciting to the community.

What if there’s an LTM active? The LTM will replace one of the Arcade Playlist slots and the dueling Arcade Playlists system will be paused.


The first two Extra Modes in this new system are Speed Demon and Rocket Labs Medley. We hope this system helps you get more play time with your favorite modes!


That’s Not All - Season 13 Season Rush Starts Soon!

The next Rocket League Season quickly draws closer, but there’s still time to level up in Season 13! To help you out, Season 13 Season Rush starts February 22 at 9 AM PT and ends 6 PM PT on March 4. Complete 12 Challenges that’ll automatically level you up after completing each one. Plus, double XP is in effect for all online matches for the whole Season Rush.


Get your last-minute blasts from the millennium past — Season 13 ends March 6 (instead of the previously communicated March 5). Stay tuned for details on the next Season!