New Rocket League Battle-Cars can now be found OFF the pitch!

Starting now, Rocket League Battle-Cars from Jazwares are available in Target retail stores in the United States. These 1:43-scale Battle-Cars are available for purchase in single packs, “Mystery Garages,” or the three-car ”Custom Mega Pack.” And, for the first time, these Battle-Cars are customizable, like they are in the Rocket League game -- that means you can swap all 30 Toppers, Antennas, and Rims across the entire lineup!

There are six Battle-Cars that come in the Mystery Garage assortment. You can connect and stack the Mystery Garages, making them the perfect decoration for a desk or playroom. Additionally, four Battle-Cars can be purchased in single packs, while Octane, Animus GP, and Aftershock are available in the deluxe three-car Custom Mega-Pack. The single packs and Custom Mega-Pack each come equipped with a DLC code that can be redeemed for an In-Game Item* unique to Series 1.

Here are the Battle-Cars you’ll find in Series 1:

Available in Single Packs (Includes Battle-Car, Topper, one set of Rims, a DLC code, and Collector’s Guide. $9.99 MSRP):

  • Dominus GT

  • Centio V17

  • Octane

  • Takumi

Available in the Mystery Garages (Includes random Battle-Car in stackable garage, one Antenna, one set of Rims, and Collector’s Guide. $7.99 MSRP):

  • Mantis

  • Masamune

  • Ripper

  • Dominus

  • X-Devil

  • Endo

Available in the Custom Mega Pack (Includes three Battle-Cars, six Antennas, four sets of Rims, six Toppers, and a DLC code. $29.99 MSRP):

  • Octane (version 2)

  • Aftershock

  • Animus GP

Check out the DLC you can find in the packs below!

*Note: In-game code requires a copy of the Rocket League Video game, sold separately