We wanted to share some cool new item features that we’re releasing as part of our upcoming June update — Item Attributes!

Expanding our existing online item drop pool, the Item Attribute system adds special properties that can be discovered (rarely) when you receive an online item drop.

Painted Items

Our first item attribute, “Painted,” recolors an item with entirely-new pigments, and we’ll kick off our first release with Painted Wheels and Toppers. If you’re lucky enough to discover a Painted version of an item, its color will be randomly chosen from a set of named colors like “Titanium White” and “Burnt Sienna.”

Not every Wheel or Topper will generate a Painted version, of course, but we hope you’ll enjoy collecting these colorful new items nonetheless!

Certified Items

Our second item attribute, “Certified,” makes an item track a particular statistic while you play in online matches.  Certified Items come with a special prefix that indicates the stat they track.  That prefix increases in prestige as you earn more and more of that stat with the item equipped.

For example, if I discover a “Sniper Wizard Hat,” I’ve acquired a special version of the “Wizard Hat” Topper that tracks “Long Goals.”  Every time I score a Long Goal in an online match, the hat’s stat counter will increase by one.  When I reach fifty Long Goals with that hat equipped, it becomes a “Skillful Sniper Wizard Hat,” and after many more, an “Incredible Sniper Wizard Hat,” and so on.

Each tracked statistic has its own set of prefixes that we’ll leave for you to discover.  Stats use different thresholds for when their prefix changes based on difficulty. For instance, you’ll need to earn a lot more “Clears” than “Upside Down Goals” to reach the same tier of prefix.

Certified Items only track stats in online Casual and Competitive games. Private Matches and offline/exhibition games do not count.

But Painted and Certified Items are just the beginning. Next week, we’ll return with even more details regarding our Item system that will expand things quite a bit. See you then!