Since the launch of Rocket League, the competitive ecosystem has always been rooted in the grassroot efforts of the community. As more organizers look to enter the space and community interest continues to grow, we wanted to provide a set of guidelines to help interested tournament organizers navigate the types of tournaments and events you can do without having to worry about a formal license. The goal of these guidelines is to make things as simple as possible for TOs, so the competitive community can continue to throw amazing events and create more of our favorite moments that will remain a pillar of the Rocket League Esports community.

You can find the full set of guidelines on the brand-new Rocket League Esports website. Our hope is that these guidelines will give new and returning community organizers guidance when hosting a tournament or event for Rocket League.

If you have a tournament or event that falls outside these guidelines, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. We'd love to chat with you and see if your event is something that we can help make happen.