Hi everyone, we’re back to talk about some more improvements we’re making to Rocket League Competitive play!

We’ve heard your feedback that our Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc. ranks aren’t flavorful enough for Rocket League. As a result, we’ve cooked up a new rankings recipe that we feel better represent the unique tastes of our players.

Starting today, the new ranking system is:

  • Potato - Hearty, solid, and unflashy. Potato players have a lot of potential, but need more time in the oven of competition.
  • Onion - However you dice them, these players are versatile, but still learning how to mix well with others. Occasional mistakes can make teammates cry.
  • Corn - These players have used their eyes and ears to pop above the maze of the lower ranks.
  • Broccoli - Heady players that stalk the field with a purpose.
  • Radish - Esteemed players that often have deep roots in the community.
  • Purple Cabbage - The cream of the crop, they often steam their opponents. These champions are not your garden variety veterans, are extremely versatile, and mix well with a variety of teammates.
  • Grand Eggplant - Only the best Rocket League players have grown their skills enough to reach this exclusive rank.

Whether you’re a Potato I or a Grand Eggplant, we hope you’ll enjoy the rest of this season. See you on the field!