We have finally reached the last week of competition before the RLCS World Championship! After five weeks of play from the RLCS and the Rival Series, we have four teams that will battle it out for the final spots in next season's RLCS. Whether it’s promotion, relegation, or permanence, a season hinges on this weekend’s action!

The format is simple: win two best-of-seven matches and you're in the RLCS; lose two and you’re in the Rival Series for Season 6. Here are my predictions on who makes it to RLCS Season 6.

North America: #1 FlyQuest

Flyquest is coming into this tournament as the favorites after a dominant 6-1 finish in the Rival Series. Primethunder and Wonder were in the Rival Series last season and finished fourth, but with the addition of AyyJayy, the newly-formed team has successfully achieved their goal by reaching the North American Promotion Tournament.

In a one-on-one interview, Primethunder commented, “We're feeling good and confident going into the Promotion Tournament. This is the biggest tournament that we've ever competed in, but we're confident we can handle the pressure of it and make it to RLCS.”

Questions have been raised over FlyQuest’s style of play – an aggressive, unorthodox team, that can be susceptible to quick counters – and this is most apparent in FlyQuest’s aerial style. While they shouldn’t be punished during the weekend, it’s something that the opposing teams will look to exploit.

I have FlyQuest going through the Upper Bracket and joining the RLCS!

North America #2: CLG

After a disappointing season, CLG finds itself fighting for an RLCS spot this weekend. The pros spoke highly of their quality, style of play, and form, but their scrim performance never managed to turn into wins this season. During the G2 series, CLG needed a single win to avoid this weekend’s matches, but G2’s dominance led to a sweep, forcing CLG to fight for their spot in the RLCS.

CLG has a favorable matchup against Allegiance whose defensive style of play (which allows for a lot of shots on goal and quick counter attacks) may benefit the pressure-heavy playstyle that CLG boasts. With a minus-67 shot differential compared to the top four teams in the Rival Series, Allegiance can't allow CLG to have open shots on goal or they’ll be punished!

On the other hand, while CLG has excellent shooters in their squad, they have lacked a playmaker to provide those assists they desperately need. Individual matchups should play a key part in the tournament and it's for THAT reason that I see them going through.

Who will take the next major step towards RLCS World Championship glory? Find out today at twitch.tv/RocketLeague!