The starting lights are out and Formula 1 is ready to dash into Rocket League on May 20! Prepare to take control and hit the apex in the internationally iconic Formula 1 car with all 10 teams in the Formula 1 Fan Pack

This new car has been fully equipped with rocket boost, a Dominus hitbox, and signature Pirelli Wheels and is ready for soccar. Here's everything added to your garage with the Formula 1 Fan Pack (available for 2000 Credits):

  • Formula 1 2021 (car)

    • Alfa Romeo 2021 Decal

    • AlphaTauri 2021 Decal

    • Alpine 2021 Decal 

    • Aston Martin 2021 Decal

    • Ferrari 2021 Decal

    • Haas 2021 Decal

    • McLaren 2021 Decal

    • Mercedes-AMG Petronas 2021 Decal

    • Red Bull 2021 Decal

    • Williams 2021 Decal

  • Pirelli Wheels

Check out all the decals in the slideshow below!

*Note: The items included in the bundle can only be equipped by the Formula 1 car. The Formula 1 car cannot be customized with all item types.


To celebrate the arrival of F1 in Rocket League, claim the Formula 1 Player Banner in the Item Shop for free beginning May 20! The Formula 1 Fan Pack and free Player Banner will be available until May 26, but will return later this year to coincide with major Formula 1 events.

The cockpit awaits. Drive to victory with the Formula 1Fan Pack on May 20!