The Summer of Rocket League Esports continues with the conclusion of the DreamHack Summer Rocket League Championship. Teams from all over Europe and even North America made their way to beautiful Jönköping, Sweden to fight for their share of $50,000 in prize money. In an impressive 4-2 victory over Gale Force Esports, FlipSid3 Tactics took the first-ever DreamHack Rocket League Championship title.

Top Image Credit: Martin Johansson


Taking a Look at the Top Two

FlipSid3 Tactics came out strong in every matchup over the weekend. The addition of Miztik to the FlipSid3 roster allowed Markydooda and Kuxir97 to play at a level reminiscent of their RLCS Season 2 World Championship performance. With Miztik finally achieving his first LAN victory, and F3's strong performance overall, the future looks bright for the European juggernauts.

Photo credit: Stephanie Lindgren


Gale Force Esports also had a strong showing at the event with a newly-formed roster of ViolentPanda, KayDop and Turbopolsa. Displaying a dominant ground game against Rogue and Team Infuse, the roster performed well in their first LAN appearance together. With Turbopolsa not officially confirmed on the GFE roster, their performance at DreamHack Summer speaks to the rapid chemistry of the team. With more competition coming up this summer, we expect to see GFE’s final roster spot filled in the near future.

Photo credit: Stephanie Lindgren


Prize Pool Breakdown

  • 1st Place: Flipsid3 Tactics (EU) - (MarkyDooda, Kuxir97,Miztik) $20,000

  • 2nd Place: Gale Force Esports (EU) - (ViolentPanda, Kaydop, Turbopolsa) $12,000

  • 3rd/4th Place: Defuse Kids (EU)  - (Scrub Killa, Paschy90, Nielskoek) - $6,000

  • 3rd/4th Place: Rogue (NA) - (Matt, Sizz, Turtle) $6,000

  • Top 8 Finish: Aero Kings (EU) - (Radioo, Cheerio, Solith) $1,500

  • Top 8 Finish: Team Infused (EU) - (Doomsee, Bluey, Sebadam)  $1,500

  • Top 8 Finish: PENTA Sports (EU) - (FreaKii, Killerno7, Pwndx) $1,500

  • Top 8 Finish: Prophecy (EU) - (MummiSnow, Flarke, Sniper) - $1,500

After an exciting weekend in Sweden, we’re looking forward to the next major date on the Rocket League Esports calendar. DreamHack Atlanta takes place on July 21-23, so tune in to watch the best in the world battle for their shot at another $50,000!