Join us as Rocket League celebrates Hispanic and Latino Heritage Month, as well as the Independence Days of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Chile! Pick up the free Fiesta Latina 2022 Bundle from September 21 to October 17

The Music of ¡Fiesta Latina!

Latin rhythms have influenced music all across the globe, but for ¡Fiesta Latina! we went straight to Brazil. This free Album of Player Anthems includes three songs from iconic Brazilian artists and arrives alongside the Calacas Player Banner. All three songs will also be added to Rocket League Radio throughout the event! 

“Nave Espacial” features DJ Liu and singer Samantha Machado in a bass-pumping collaboration that will surely fly to the top of your playlists. Eu quero ir pro espaço sideral? Us too.

House phenom Slow Motion brings us back down to Earth with the ground-shattering beats of "But Baby.” The groove is fire, the mix exquisite. Put this one on loop, and you’ll zone into your game like never before.

Slow Motion returns with artist Loudtech on “Go Back.” This uplifting banger mixes classic house with a laid-back vibe that creates the perfect driving atmosphere.


Fiesta Latina 2022 Bundle

More on the Way

Get your Chipote Chillón ready as El Chapulín Colorado races in more agile than a turtle. Stay tuned for a full announcement in October!

Once again, Happy Hispanic and Latino Heritage Month from the team at Rocket League. ¡Fiesta Latina! will run from September 21 to October 17.