Goat simulation isn’t the only thing coming to Rocket League later this month! In the next patch, you can enjoy cruising around our Arenas with the Euro Truck Simulator Rig Antenna you see above.

We also reached out to the team at SCS Software, the creators of Euro Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator, about dropping some of our items into their game. You’ll soon be able to select the iconic Octane Battle-Car as a a dashboard toy and the official Rocket League ball as a rearview mirror hang!

Euro Truckers may know that cabin toy physics were introduced in SCS Software’s recent Cabin Accessories DLC, so the aforementioned RL items can move around the cabin as you drive your big rig. (Physics, yo!)

Before you drive into the sunset, check out the Rocket League items in Euro Truck Simulator 2 below and definitely share them on Twitter when you check them out later this month. We’d love to see them!