Our next update — the Esports Shop Update — is just over the horizon, with a bunch of new content we're excited to bring to Rocket League coming right along with it! Expected to go live on April 16 (pending first-party certification), this new update will not only include its namesake, the Esports Shop, but also Rocket Pass 3, kicking off one day after that on April 17.

Introducing the Esports Shop

You'll now be able to show off your team pride for your favorite esport squads competing in Rocket League Esports. The Esports Shop will open for business on April 16. Of course, there's still a lot more to share about the Esports Shop, but we'll reveal everything there is to know—including its items, look, and more next week.

Rocket Pass 3 Incoming!

Rocket Pass 3 will debut soon with a Challenge System! Get ready to climb your way to the Pro Tiers. Look for an in-depth look at Rocket Pass 3 and the new Challenge System very soon.

Replay FX, HDR Support, and More!

We've added a new Replay FX system that content creators should enjoy. With this new toolset, you'll be able to give your replays the full "photo mode" treatment by changing the depth of field, altering backgrounds, adding green screen effects, color adjustment, and more post-processing effects. Please note that Replay FX is still in a beta phase, but the entire control suite will be available when the update goes live.

Also coming in this update: HDR support for PS4, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One S.

Check out the quick bullet points below to see what to expect from the Esports Shop Update:

  • Esports Shop

  • Rocket Pass 3 with Challenges (April 17)

  • Replay FX

  • HDR Support

  • Monstercat Flags

  • … and more!

We're excited to bring this new content to Rocket League on April 16. Stay tuned to the blog next week when we'll be taking a deep dive into the Esports Shop, Rocket Pass 3, and Challenges.