There are no sadder words in gaming than “Last Online: 1 year ago”. But now’s the time to do something about it, to hit up your old 2’s partner, or reopen the abandoned group DM. With the eternal spirit of gaming friendship in mind, Jump-Start a Friend dishes out in-game rewards for signing in, partying up, and playing Rocket League together. 

Get the crew back together from November 9 to 22! 


Two cars boosting into the air, going after the Rocket Ball

STEP 1 - Sign Up with a Friend

Jump-Start a Friend is packed with unlockable rewards, and all you have to do is start! You’ll unlock the "Jump-Starter" Player Title when you sign up at our dedicated Jump-Start A Friend site. If this is your first time connecting your Epic Games Account to the site, you’ll also receive a sweet set of Chopper EG Wheels.

STEP 2 - Earn Points Together

Once you’ve signed up, start connecting with friends to earn points whenever you play Online Matches together. You’ll also be able to earn huge bonuses for bringing back anyone on your Friends List who hasn’t played in the past 30 days.

Looking to party up? You can find like-minded rocketeers to fill your Friends List by joining the Rocket League Discord.


  • 10 Points - Play 1 Online Match with a friend 

  • 20 Points - Play 1 Online Match with a friend who hasn’t played in 30 days

  • 100 Points - Bonus for your first Online Match with a friend who hasn’t played in 30 days

    • This bonus can only be claimed once per friend, with up to 3 friends for 300 points total. 

STEP 3 - Receive Rewards

Once you’ve reconnected with friends, all that's left is to play the game! You’ll receive Items like the CutCorner Avatar Border and Pointed Posts Wheels as you earn points together. Once you reach 450 points, you’ll begin unlocking Painted versions of the Manganese Boost. How many colors will you collect?

Jump-Start A Friend Rewards

  • 0 points - "Jump-Starter" Player Title

  • 100 points - CutCorner Avatar Border

  • 200 points - Sweat Vet Decal

  • 300 points - Pointed Posts Wheels

  • 400 points - Manganese Boost

Manganese Boost Painted Colors

  • 450 points - Burnt Sienna

  • 500 points - Gray

  • 550 points - Lime

  • 600 points - Saffron

  • 650 points - Pink

  • 700 points - Orange

  • 750 points - Cobalt

  • 800 points - Purple

  • 850 points - Forest Green

  • 900 points - Sky Blue

  • 950 points - Crimson

  • 1000 points - Black

  • 1050 points - Titanium White



Fast & Furious

You’ll need a new look to truly jump-start your crew, and that’s where the Fast & Furious saga’s most iconic cars come in!  Pontiac Fiero, Dodge Charger, and Dodge Ice Charger return to the Item Shop, each with a Bundle including five to six Decals, an extra set of Painted Wheels, and unique Engine Audio

To the joy of JDM fans everywhere, the beloved Nissan Skyline is back on the lot as well! You’ll be able to pick up all four of the Fast & Furious cars in the Item Shop.

It’s time to party up, Jump-Start A Friend will run from November 9 to 22.