It’s almost time to brave the depths as we jet underwater for the launch of Rocket League Season 14! This Season makes its splash March 6.


In Season 14, explore a new edition of the AquaDome Arena. There’s plenty of customization options in the sea—dive into the driving seats of two new sports cars as you ride the slipstream in this Season’s Rocket Pass Premium

Upon purchase of Rocket Pass Premium, you’ll net yourself the Admiral Car Body. Make your way through the Tiers to unlock the Mako Car Body and other items like the Snorkel Mask TopperScale-Veil Decal, and the Atlantis Goal Explosion. (There’s a lot to get lost in.)

NOTE: Admiral uses the Dominus hitbox, and Mako uses the Breakout hitbox. These Car Bodies will soon be eligible for cross-game ownership between Rocket League and Fortnite!

Download Art!Download Art!

This Season, the deeper you dive, the more you’ll find. Ready to hear what else is waiting for you? Let’s jump in! 


Less Sharks, More Vibes – Steer into Salty Shallows

A new location of the AquaDome Arena was found near the coast of Salty Shores! Welcome to AquaDome (Salty Shallows), where you’ll be much closer to the surface of the sea.

With the shallower water, this different AquaDome environment certainly feels more relaxed with fewer apex predators circling the stadium. The new lighting in and around the stadium reflects this level of serenity, as does a carefully curated playlist of Lofi house tunes including this Season’s theme song “Ghost” by Monstercat artist, Direct. You’ll also hear new music from zensei ゼンセ, rshand, Angara, Bound to Divide, Skybreak, and Dani Demand! 


Rocket Pass Premium 

Get ready for watery raves and jamming with the clams. By going up the Rocket Pass Premium Tiers, you can submerge yourself in a treasure chest of aquatic-themed items:

51 - 60
61 - 70
1 - 10
11 - 20
21 - 30

Keep it reel with the Admiral Car Body and make a fuss with the Mako Car Body, two sports cars so slick they’ll leave your opponents gasping for air. Angling for a new aesthetic? Swim alongside the shoals with the Fishscale Paint Finish and Kelp Antenna

If you fancy a title change, you can rock the Cool Captain Title or hang loose with the Swag Surfer Title. Keep AquaDome’s lofi feel going with the Gulf Stream Groove Player Anthem!

To really start the party, spin up the Tidal Rave Goal Explosion or immerse the Arena with the takeover Atlantis Goal Explosion.

All the rewards mentioned above are just some of the rewards you can unlock. With 70+ Tiers of rewards across free and Premium, the treasure is bountiful!


Tourney Rewards: Now With More Lasers 

The sea keeps things cool, but you know what else is cool? Lasers. And you’ll find plenty of them among Season 14’s Tournament Rewards.

Unlock a laser ball Goal Explosion. Laser beam Boost. A laser Trail too. Light up the AquaDome with laser-focused items and more rewards!


Rocket League Season 14 runs from March 6 to June 5. Turn the tides (...and your wheels) towards victory!