It’s been a long time coming, but the first-ever Collegiate Rocket League - National Championship will finally take place this weekend! What started three months ago with over 200 schools has come down to the eight best collegiate teams in North America. Who can rise above the rest and claim the first ever CRL National Championship? Let's see who's in the running...

Teams and Bracket

  • Ohio State” - The Ohio State University
  • UNCC 1” - University of North Carolina Charlotte
  • Northeastern Red” - Northeastern University
  • Mustangs” - California Polytechnic University
  • Cal Poly Pomona” - California Polytechnic University Pomona
  • UMD” - University of Maryland College Park
  • UNT Eagles” - University of North Texas
  • Gryphons” - University of Guelph-Humber

Fan Rewards and Schedule

For the first time on a CRL broadcast, Fan Rewards will be active! If you’re still chasing those elusive Ninja wheels then this is a perfect weekend to tune in. Be sure you sign up for rewards and check out this weekend's high level collegiate Rocket League, because this is your last chance for rewards in 2017! 


  • (Fan Rewards)
    • Saturday December 9 - 9:00am PST
    • Sunday December 10 - 9:00am PST

For more information on this weekend's action, be sure to check out the preview our partners at Tespa posted here. School may be out, but Collegiate Rocket League is about to hit Finals Week!