We had fun with the basics, but now it’s time to kick training up a notch! There’s no shortage of quality community-made Custom Training packs and this final Community Spotlight of 2017 will put you on the path to raising your skill ceiling. Who knows, you may be the next reddit sensation!


When the countdown hits zero, will you know how to finish the shot? Will you be able to hit the back of the net when your teammate sends the ball in your direction? The short answer is that you will only ever know when the moment presents itself. Luckily, we’re not the only ones to ask these questions!

The newly refreshed ‘Featured’ Tab list hosts a variety of drills meant to develop your ability to make split-second decisions while you’re going supersonic across the field. If you’re looking for easier aerial shots to practice, look no further than the ‘Aerial Shots - Rebound’ pack which offers 34 shots to help you progress in the air. On the other end of the spectrum, the ‘Redirect These’ pack forces you to execute maneuvers with power and confidence.

Whether you’re new to Rocket League or a seasoned veteran, this month’s ‘Featured’ Tab list brings these crucial moments directly to you.

1 Vince Strength & Accuracy Diamond 6CF3-4C0B-32B4-1AC7
2 Jayless Redirects (XXL Pack, Hard) Champion C272-B586-A45A-3675
3 Poquito Aerial Shots - Rebound Gold E94F-C04B-434D-7FE6
4 Kyle Masc Varied Difficulty Rebound Shot Grand Champion B126-916E-0C9E-BBF1
5  Esoterian B Rank Missed Opportunities   Champion D60C-4A5A-77E1-58F5 
6  Kara Redirect These   Grand Champion 89EF-56F8-B1E6-1619 
7 Biddles  Passes You Should Put On Net  Diamond  E5AC-0297-356A-3FF7 
8  gReazymeister  Clear Redirects Grand Champion  25AE-0C2B-03DA-17D1 
9  Fickle Platypus Steadfast Striker 1 Grand Champion  5462-D8CA-58BC-32EC 


Still mastering the basics? Check out last month’s Community Spotlight and favorite the Custom Training packs that suit you best!

We look forward to bringing you even more Community Spotlights when we return in 2018!