Happy almost Halloween, Rocket League Community! We hope you're enjoying the final few days of Haunted Hallows, and that you've completed all of your Event Challenges. If this is your first Rocket League event and you're still working on improving your game, the best place to start is the Featured Training Packs. 

Last month, we updated the Featured Training Packs to include new-to-intermediate level Packs so new players can start upping their game and climbing the Competitive Ranks. We're updating them again this month to take another step toward Supersonic Legend. Check out the new Featured Training Packs below featuring power shots, shadow defense, and more. You can try them out yourself from the Training Menu. 

If you're still looking for more guidance on getting off the ground, be sure to check out the entire Rocket League 101 with SunlessKhan playlist on our YouTube channel. There are eight videos that will teach you the basics from choosing a car, to aerials, and one that will even get you trying to air roll. Good luck out there!