Rocket League is officially free to play! That means there are a lot of new drivers out there who are trying to learn the ropes and get up to speed. If you're new here, we publish a Community Spotlight each month that refreshes the game's Featured Training Packs, or highlights someone doing great things in the Rocket League community. This month, we've refreshed the Featured Training Packs to help newbies learn basic maneuvers and get off the ground for the first time. 

Learn how to consistently make contact with the ball and hit it where you want it to go. Get airborne with hits that require you to jump and even use a little boost for beginner aerial moves. Learn to read shots off of the walls and corners, and practice getting to the ball quickly to bury it in the net. Check out the new Featured Training Packs below to help your game. You can find these packs and more in-game in the Training Menu under "Custom."

If you want to learn even more about basic strategies of Rocket League, be sure to check out our Rocket League 101 Series with SunlessKhan. We post them on Twitter each week, and you can check them out on our YouTube page in the Rocket League 101 playlist. Check out the first episode below. You're on your way from Bronze to Supersonic Legend!