Community Play of the Week

We're shining the Community Spotlight directly on you! Starting last month, we started looking for the siiickest, most ridiculous plays that the community has been pulling off and posting. Whether it's a highlight that gets love on Reddit, or a clip that turns heads on Twitter, we want to see it and share it with the masses as the Community Play of the Week!

Each Friday, we handpick a Community Play of the Week and feature it on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Plus, we credit whomever submitted the clip. We're always surprised and delighted by what players are able to accomplish. 

So, how can you submit your best plays? All you have to do is include the #RLpotw hashtag in your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram post, or post your clips to the official Rocket League Subreddit. If we want to feature yours, we'll reach out to you for permission to use your clip before it goes live.

Check out some of the featured Community Plays of the Week below, including this week's play a day early.


This week's Play of the Week features a ridiculous solo play by @ajl_rl

What a save by @default_octane

A perfectly executed passing play with some freestyling from @bread_and_boi

What a flick by @404_SearchError

An expert level doubletap by @coopiiz

Totally calculated Rumble hijinks by @Carhill_RL

We're excited to check out what you come up with, and even more excited to show off your plays each week. So, be sure to save those clips and send them our way. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and join the community conversations on Reddit! Good luck, and have fun!