Hello again! We’re back with more sweet cross-promotional news for you!

If you’ve been playing Double Fine Productions and Adult Swim Games’ playfully-titled ’70s-inspired Metroidvania game, Headlander, (and we’ve don’t blame you, we’ve been checking it out, too), then do we have something for you!

Though we had been going back and forth with our friends at Double Fine regarding potential ways to share cool stuff for our respective communities, we ultimately landed on showcasing a little bit of LucasArts’ old school charms and Double Fine’s fresh and humorous perspective with two new Garage customization items. Both of them will be available for FREE on PS4 and Steam PC when our next patch drops later this summer.

The Starcophagus Antenna (above) is inspired by a spaceship you’ll briefly explore in the aforementioned Headlander, while we’ve also grabbed the famous Purple Tentacle from Day of the Tentacle to commemorate its recent remastered revival. Check out that Topper’s slimy splendor in the screenshot below:

Double Fine has also returned the favor and added our famous Octane Battle-Car and the Rocket League ball into Headlander! As an extra bonus, the ball itself can also be vacuumed up if you want to shoot some interstellar hoops!

We won’t totally ruin the surprise of where you can find these Easter eggs in Headlander’s space station, but definitely check out the visual proof, below. Oh, and be sure to check back with us again over the next several weeks for some pretty exciting (and surprising) news about our big summer update. In the meantime, happy hunting!