Our previous blog took the wraps off of Clubs, a brand new in-game social feature that will unite you and your friends and make competing as a team in Rocket League easier than ever. If you’re on the hunt for more details, you’re in the right place!

Club Creation and Membership

First things first -- you can either create your own Club, or join one owned by a Party member! To create one from scratch, select ‘Create Club’ from the Play menu. From there, you, the Club Owner, can choose the name, tag, and preferred primary/secondary color set. Once it’s up and running, you can…

  • Invite new members

  • Set Club News

  • Reset Club Colors

  • Change the Club Name or Tag

  • Disband the Club

  • Create or join Private Matches from the Club screen

Want to queue up for a Casual or Competitive Playlist Match with some of your Club members? Then don't worry, you’ll still party up and queue as you normally would. If your whole party is part of your Club and your opponents are all members of their own club, we activate a Club Match. In this mode, the stadium colors will change to each Club's Primary color, and the team names will update to reflect your Club names. If your colors are too similar, we'll randomly pick one team to use their Secondary color or a safe neutral option.

How does Club ownership work? Only current Club Owners can designate a new owner if they decide to leave or step down from the leadership position. Additionally, a Club Owner has to step down before they can fully leave a Club -- we don’t want any leaderless Clubs roaming the Wasteland, now do we?

[Note: This may be the first place you run into our new real-time language filtering, as Rocket League and PsyNet will be actively filtering out some inappropriate Club Names and Tags during the creation phase.]

Looking to join a Club instead of starting your own? The Club Owner is the only person who can invite you in. To receive an invite, Party up with the Owner and you’ll see a pop-up notification once it’s sent. Clubs can have up to 20 members, Owner included.

Club Participation in Online Matches and Tournaments

When playing online in Casual or Competitive Matches or in Tournaments with your Clubmates, you’ll Party up with them as you normally would and the Party Leader will queue your group up for matches. You can still play in every type of online match with players outside of your club as well, so you can mix and match away!

We’re not tracking Club-level stats at this time, so shots, saves, wins, losses, and so on won’t have any additional effect on your account or Club.

Verified Clubs

While anyone with a copy of Rocket League can create or join a Club, Verified Clubs will be reserved for Esports organizations in RLCS and Rivals Series, friends of Rocket League and Psyonix and notable community members and influencers. We’ll be reaching out to these groups and individuals directly about verification in the coming weeks.


Can I be in more than one Club at once?

Your account can only be in one Club at a time.

I don’t want to own this Club anymore, what should I do?

No problem! You can transfer ownership to another member by selecting their name on the Club screen and selecting the transfer option from the drop-down menu.

How do I get my Club Verified?

At this time, we’re reaching out to groups and individuals directly about verification.

My Club is Verified. What happens if I change the Club Name or Tag?

Changing the Name or Tag will cause the Club to lose its Verified status.

Where can Club Matches occur?

Club Matches can occur in Casual or Competitive Playlist matches. They do not occur in Private Matches or Tournaments.

I like the Arenas as-is. Can I disable Club colors in Club Matches?

Yes! You will be able to disable Club Colors in Settings if you want to keep the Arena in its normal coloration.

Do Clubs support cross-platform play?

Clubs support cross-platform membership, but you will not be able to invite cross-platform players until the RocketID system is released later this year.