Perched high amongst the seaside hills, a pack of tuned-up drift cars awaits their signal. The whistle blows and they begin a chaotic descent, sliding sideways through the perilous mountain roads. A wild crowd waits at the base of the hills, cheering as their favorite racers boost toward victory. These are the sights and sounds of Season 11.

Hope you’re well-rested, cause the festivities are raging all Season long. Powerslide with the beloved Nissan Silvia (S13), dive into a color-filled Rocket Pass, and celebrate Soccar’s most joyous moments in Estadio Vida Arena.

Now, who’s ready to turn up? Season 11 begins on June 7!

Nissan Silvia
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Right off the starting line, one car leads this year’s big race—the Nissan Silvia! This JDM classic's S13 chassis is famous for its quickness and fearsome agility. In-game, it uses a Hybrid Hitbox that can handle just about anything you throw at it.

Of course, not everyone is satisfied with stock. The tuned-up Nissan Silvia RLE takes your ride to the next level with a custom hood scoop, carbon fiber mods, and a dramatic rear wing. Players who want to go all in on the drift look can even equip a mismatched set of Nissan Silvia RLE Wheels

Both cars will be available in-game through Rocket Pass Premium. What’s that? Glad you asked!

51 - 60
61 - 70
1 - 10
11 - 20
21 - 30


As the opening ceremony ends the real festivities come to life, and one of our favorite ways to party is with incredible Rocket Pass Rewards!

As you race down the mountain, leave clouds of rainbow smoke in your wake with the Smoketrail Trail. The Maelstrom Wheels feature a super simple tread with a touch of swirling color around a pitch-black center. Or if you want to join this extravaganza, Glitterati Wheels are a treadless, semi-translucent option full of sparkle and shine!


You can party all day with the Smokeshow Goal Explosion’s multicolor rockets, or set off the night with the hyperactive Laser-Light Goal Explosion. Not a fan of fanfare? That’s where the Crickets Player Anthem comes in. Chirp.

The 5-spoked Estrella Wheels are a new option for lovers of a clean look, while the special edition Estrella: Prismatic Wheels will transform your car into a self-contained rave! And of course, the revelry can’t start without the colorful Piñata Wheels, animated Maracas Topper, and Demonio Wheels!

You’ll get all this and so much more with Rocket Pass Premium



Every celebration needs its venue, and Estadio Vida is the perfect place to be merry! This Arena is nestled in the heart of a seaside village famous for its loving fans and gorgeous sunsets.

Of course, the sounds of cheering fans isn’t the only thing echoing through the Arena. Featured in the Season 11 Gameplay Trailer, you’ll be able to get "Não Sei Parar" by Bhaskar & Afterclapp as an in-game Player Anthem through the Item Shop. Rocket League Radio will also start playing new Monstercat tracks for Season 11 including songs by Brazilian artist Carola, so get ready to groove!



Soccar is for everyone, but only the best of the best can make it down the mountain in one piece. This Season has tons of exciting new Tournament Rewards… if you have the skills to earn them! 

Bite into the Hot 'Za Topper, or pull off devilish demos with the Flaming Fork Antenna. Don’t sweat it though, ‘cause the rainbow Unicorn Juice Boost can wash away even the hottest competition. 

If you’re lucky enough, you might even get one of this Season’s Black Market rewards! The Chemergy Goal Explosion bursts into a gooey glob of brilliance, while the animated Autobahn Decal turns cars into your own personal highway.



Estadio Vida Arena is famous for its beautiful beachside atmosphere, and the Season 11 Elite Pack is perfect for soaking up all that sun! With a Cobalt Dominus Car as the base, you’ll get loaded up on UV power with the Black Sun Ray Boost, Lime Astro CSX Inverted Wheels, and Crimson Meteor Storm Goal Explosion!

Or if you’re looking for something a bit more high-tech, the Rookie Pack is built around the cybernetic Masamune Car. The Druk Decal brings a certain robo-dragon vibe, and you'll also get the Friction Trail, a Calculated Player Banner, and a set of Spiralis Wheels.



So what’s next for these drifting drivers? When they’re not clutch kicking around town, we’ve spotted them prepping supplies for the next big shindig—Rocket League’s birthday! We’ll have plenty of presents for everyone, but they’ll have to wait till the main event. No peeking! 

Get ready to pull that e-brake—Season 11 begins on June 7!