Rocket League’s celebration of Black History Month continues! Earlier this month, we released two FREE Item bundles featuring the work of accomplished Black artists—the Sunniya by Geneva Bowers Bundle and the Parallel by Taj Francis Bundle. Now, we introduce our final featured artist of the month Anthony Azekwoh! Anthony is a multidisciplinary Nigerian artist whose work is featured on the samurai-inspired Yasuke Decal, Avatar Border, and Player Banner.

Missed the first two drops? Not to worry. All three Bundles will be available in the Item Shop via the in-game Black History Month Tab until February 28. 

Yasuke by Anthony Azekwoh Bundle (Free)

  • Yasuke Decal

  • Yasuke Avatar Border

  • Yasuke Player Banner


Meet the Artist

Anthony Azekwoh is an artist whose work cannot be restrained by genre. As a growing fixture in Nigeria’s art world, he explores facets of digital painting, 3D sculpture, poetry, and short stories. Throughout it all is Anthony’s approach toward human narrative, giving each work an abstract yet profound sense of emotion. Many of his works appear to break the fourth wall with their stare, accepting and acknowledging their viewer’s presence. During our collaboration, we got together and asked Anthony a few questions about his artwork, video games, and the experiences that fuel him.


Q. In a couple of sentences, could you walk us through your journey and how you grew a career in the art industry?

A. Sure, I started painting digitally seven years ago here in Lagos, Nigeria. At the time, all I had was a mouse and a beaten-up laptop, but I was really passionate about it, and I made it work. Painting after painting, year after year, I got better at my work and people started to pay attention.

Q. Who has served as an inspiration in your life? And how did they inspire you?  

A. Artists like Duro Arts, Sam Spratt, and Duks Arts are some of the artists I've loved and admired. They inspired me by their work in the digital world, creating whole worlds for people to participate in.

Q. Is there anything you wish that more people knew about your art?

A. Right now, I wish more people saw the process and how much work and love I put in, so I'm trying to be more open with my process.



The Blue Boy, The Tomorrow Woman, and The Traveller by Anthony Azekwoh


Q. Your Rocket League Decal features Yasuke, a historical black samurai from the Sengoku Period in Japan. Could you tell us more about why his story connects with you?

A. Yasuke was a very interesting one. It was at a point where I was reading and learning and trying to discover more about Africans and where we came from, and so Yasuke was an incredible find! Here he was, an African samurai, the first in recorded history. It was amazing to see and also paint in my whole visual language.

Q. You’ve recently been working much more in digital sculpture. Do you feel that you’re able to express yourself differently in different mediums?

A. Yes, of course. I try to use the medium to describe things that are great for that particular story. So, some things work better in different mediums and I try to respect that.

Q. Throughout the years, you’ve worked in many different directions. What are you currently exploring with your art?

A. Right now, I'm exploring sculptures and storytelling, trying to really pull at the threads of my own interest.



Artist Anthony Azekwoh


Q. Different people gravitate towards different types of games. Is there a genre of game that you find really speaks to you?

A. Oh, I love open world games, they've always had my heart.

Q. What do you think about video games as an interactive art form?

A. I think they're a great way of interacting. I've recently gotten into Apex Legends, and it's brought me a bit closer to my friends and being part of a community.

Q. What impact do you want your art to have on the world?

A. I want people to have a deeper understanding of people who live and breathe outside their sphere of contact. My work is deeply African, pulling from being born and raised here. I want people to feel that culture, that power, that love. And be awed.

We hope you enjoy Anthony’s artwork in Rocket League. Make sure to check out his Instagram and Shop, as well as his in-game Bundle!