Hey everyone! We’re back again with an update from Psyonix HQ! Our topic this time is an in-depth look at some new content, features, and changes coming in the next Rocket League patch. So let’s jump right in!

New Mode – “Hoops”

The patch (scheduled for release late April), will bring the all-new, basketball-inspired game mode to the Rocket League community.  “Hoops” will be available in Exhibition, Private Match or new Casual Playlist that pits players against each other in a 2v2 showdown.  Look out for Hoops and its exclusive Arena, “Dunk House,” soon!

Replay Quick-Saving

One of the most common requests from our community has been to add a quick-save feature and that’s exactly what we’ve added in this update. Press the new “Save Replay” hot-key/ button at any time during the match and your machine will take it from there — no more waiting for the post-match screen!

Replay Naming

To go along with the new quick-save feature, we’re also introducing the ability to name and rename Replays. This means that players can soon name any new Replay in the post-game lobby or rename preexisting ones from the “Replays” menu.

What’s with that BOUNCE!?

From Wasteland to DFH Stadium, we’ve noticed the physics of the ball behaving in unusual ways (and so have you based on some of the videos we’ve seen). In the upcoming patch, we will introduce global changes to the physics behavior (with additional changes to the Wasteland Arena, specifically) to help ensure that the ball behaves as you would expect it to.

EXAMPLE 1 –  Global Horizontal

EXAMPLE 2 – Global Vertical

EXAMPLE 3 – Wasteland

Xbox One and “Cosmic” Arena!

As a reminder to all Xbox One players, this patch will also introduce the content detailed in our Xbox Roadmap blog from earlier this year. You will be getting all features listed in the article above, including Rocket Labs — which brings new and experimental Arenas with virtual reality-inspired aesthetics to the Casual Playlist. As an added bonus, all platforms will receive the brand new Rocket Labs arena, “Cosmic,” inspired by the classic Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars map!

As always, we’ll keep you updated on more of our feature additions and other topics regularly through our Facebook and Twitter pages. Good luck out there!