The Reason for the Season

As Season 6 nears its final episode, the time has come to release a few spoilers. When you weren’t trekking through channels in the potato-tastic Nomad Van, many of you reached new competitive peaks this Season. That deserves something special.

The Competitive Rewards for Season 6 will be Animated Universal Decals! Check out a preview of the rewards in the video below. 


Need a refresher? Here's how the Competitive Rewards work. Make sure you complete your ten placement matches to be placed in a Rank, and then fulfill your appropriate Season Reward Level at that rank (10 wins for each Rank beginning with Bronze). 

Similar to past seasons, Season 6 Rewards will also grant Titles for players at the Grand Champion and Supersonic Legend Rank. Here's the full Season Rewards Breakdown:



  • Bronze I or higher – Season 6 – Bronze Decal

  • Silver I or higher – Season 6 – Silver Decal + lower Decal 

  • Gold I or higher – Season 6 – Gold Decal + lower Decals

  • Platinum I or higher – Season 6 – Platinum Decal + lower Decals

  • Diamond I or higher – Season 6 – Diamond Decal + lower Decals

  • Champion I or higher – Season 6 – Champion Decal + lower Decals

  • Grand Champion I – Season 6 – Grand Champion Decal + lower Decals

  • Supersonic Legend – Season 6 – Supersonic Legend Decal + lower Decals


  • Competitive Grand Champion: "S6 GRAND CHAMPION" in Crimson text

  • Rumble Grand Champion: "S6 RNG CHAMP" in Crimson text

  • Hoops Grand Champion: "S6 DUNK MASTER" in Crimson text

  • Snow Day Grand Champion: "S6 BLIZZARD WIZARD" in Crimson text

  • Dropshot Grand Champion: "S6 FLOOR DESTROYER" in Crimson text


  • Competitive Supersonic Legend: "S6 SUPERSONIC LEGEND" in Titanium White text

  • Rumble Supersonic Legend: "S6 RNGENIUS" in Titanium White text

  • Hoops Supersonic Legend: "S6 LEGENDARY BALLER" in Titanium White text

  • Snow Day Supersonic Legend: "S6 ICE TITAN" in Titanium White text

  • Dropshot Supersonic Legend: "S6 TILE ANNIHILATOR" in Titanium White text


Tournament Credits will also be reset when Season 6 ends, just like the transition from Season 5 to Season 6. Players who participated in Competitive Tournaments throughout Season 6 will be granted an All-Star Cup reward. Players' Tournament Credits will convert to the highest level reward they are capable of earning based on their Tournament Rank and Tournament Credit amount. 


Remember, your rank doesn’t define you! Well, maybe a little. But any accomplishment left unfinished now will become an opportunity to peak next Season.

After all, This is Rocket League!