Nothing beats the thrill of Competitive play in Rocket League! Whether you’re putting in the time to hit your Rank goal, grinding out Season Reward Level wins, or jumping into high-level play for the first time, you always want a fair experience going into a Competitive match -- and so do we!

Starting today, we’re making some changes to the competitive matchmaking ban system. The goal of these changes is to discourage players from disconnecting from Competitive Playlist matches early; nobody likes to lose, but it’s always important to finish out a match if a forfeit vote fails, no matter what side of the score you’re on.

Currently, players who leave Competitive matches early are subject to a 15-minute ban from Competitive Playlists. Our new system will have seven ban levels, starting with a new, shorter five-minute ban at Level 1. See below for the full breakdown.

  • Level 1: 5 Minutes
  • Level 2: 10 Minutes
  • Level 3: 20 Minutes
  • Level 4: 40 Minutes
  • Level 5: 60 Minutes
  • Level 6: 120 Minutes
  • Level 7: 24 Hours

Once a ban expires you will stay at that ban level for 12 hours, but if you leave another Competitive Playlist match during the same window, you will go up one level. If you don't leave any Competitive matches early during the same 12-hour window, you will go down one level, eventually going back down to Level 0. You’ll still see the same kind of notifications with the new system, so active bans will appear at the bottom of the Playlist window.

If you reach Level 7 (Wow!) and consistently leave Competitive matches before a match concludes, we may take additional actions against your account, including timed or permanent bans from all online matches.

We hope these changes will cut down on the number of players who duck out of Competitive matches early. Who knows, by sticking around until the timer hits 0:00 instead of making for the Main Menu, you might just get a few Reddit-worthy comeback wins under your belt.