Hello everyone! The holidays are here, which means it’s time for family, egg nog (or hot cocoa) and lots of gaming. With the new year nearly upon us, we’re ending 2018 with one final gift for the community -- a 2XP long weekend!

Starting Thursday, December 27 at 2 PM PST/10 PM UTC, you’ll earn double the amount of base experience in all Casual and Competitive Playlist matches via the “+100% special event” XP bonus. Between 2XP and the progression changes we made earlier this month, you’ll be unlocking Rocket Pass Tiers faster than ever before!

Check out the official start and end times below. Enjoy the extra XP, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, everyone!

  • 2XP Start Time: Thursday, December 27 at 2 PM PST / 10 PM UTC
  • 2XP End Time: Monday, December 31 at 10 AM PST / 6 PM UTC

(Note: This 2XP weekend will not have double drop-rates for Crates or Painted items activated.)