Season 3 is in its final lap and will end on August 11. That means it's time to talk about what's coming in Season 4. You may have seen our Community Update on Reddit last week that mentioned improvements to Tournaments. We're happy to announce that with the start of Season 4, we're adding more Competitive Tournaments each day, including Tournaments for 2v2 and Extra Modes!


Expanding the Competitive Tournaments Schedule in Season 4

2v2 Tournaments are here, and will function just like 3v3 Tournaments. Simply join a Competitive Tournament either alone or with a teammate to enter into a 32-team bracket, and climb your way to victory! With new Tournaments being added to the daily schedule, we didn't want to simply replace any existing 3v3 Tournaments. So, the daily schedule of Competitive Tournaments is expanding to include more Tournaments to join in each region! We will be adding between eight and 13 additional tournaments a week in every region. Check out the schedule each day to see which Tournament is best for you and your team. 

Expanding the number of tournaments each day means we can add different kinds of Tournaments to the schedule, such as Extra Mode Tournaments. The featured Extra Mode can change every day, so be sure to look at the schedule each day for Tournaments in Rumble, Hoops, Snow Day, and Dropshot! Teams will enter Extra Mode Tournaments at their Tournament Rank, but Tournament Ranks will not be affected by performance in Extra Mode Tournaments. However, players will still receive Tournament Credits and Tournament Winner Titles from these Tournaments.

We'll be keeping a close eye on the impact in these newly added time slots and modes, and will adjust the schedule if necessary. 

Updated Tournaments Interface

Along with an expanded schedule for Competitive Tournaments, Season 4 is also coming with an updated look for the Tournaments History tab. This new U.I. will show a log of your Competitive Tournaments history, including when it was entered, how you placed, and the Rank of the Tournament. Speaking of Ranks, your Tournament Rank will now be displayed on the Tournament home screen.

Last Chance for Season 3! 

There's less than a week left before we hit the dusty trail in Season 4! Reach those extra Pro Tiers in your Rocket Pass and fulfill your appropriate Season Reward Level to earn your Season 3 Rewards! To help unlock some more Tiers in your Rocket Pass, enjoy a Double XP Weekend happening now through August 9! 

We're circling the wagons as we get ready to reveal the new car, Rocket Pass, Arena, and more coming in Season 4, so stay tuned for more info next week! 

Season 4 Tease