Fall is right around the corner, and that means Collegiate Rocket League (CRL) is here! The 2022-23 CRL Season is approaching and we’ve got all the information you need to get signed up and ready to go. 

There are some changes and new additions compared to last season, so let's dive right in to exactly what you can expect from the 2022-23 CRL Season!

Mexico joins CRL!

Mexican universities are officially joining CRL as part of the Western Conference! We’re excited to have Mexico join CRL as the league continues to grow. Keep a lookout as universities join the fray and battle for a place at the 2023 CRL World Championship.

Breaking Down the CRL Season

Key information for the upcoming CRL Season:

  • There are two Splits for the CRL 2022-23 Season 
  • Fall and Spring Splits will each feature 32 teams,16 from each North American Conference (Eastern and Western)
  • The 2022-23 CRL Season will reward more than $300,000 in Scholastic Awards and each North American Split will have $100,000 of Scholastic Awards.
  • The top eight teams in each Conference will advance to the Conference Playoffs
  • The top three teams from each Conference Playoff will compete in online CRL Championships in both the Fall and Spring Splits
  • The North American Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) is a 48-team, Single-Elimination Bracket that determines the final two teams to receive an invite to the CRL World Championship. 
  • The European University Rocketeers Championship (EURC) is back following last year’s addition of European Universities. Details on the European Last Chance Qualifier will be announced at a later date. 
  • All competition leads up to the 2023 CRL World Championship.

We're also proud to welcome back Nissan as the title sponsor for the 2022 Fall Split! They helped drive an amazing CRL World Championship and we're excited to have them back on the CRL pitch for the Fall Split.

Key Dates 

Here’s a look at all the upcoming dates for the CRL Fall Split:

  • September 25 and October 2: Fall Split Qualifiers
  • October 10 - November 11: Fall Split League Play
  • November 17 - 18: Fall Split Playoffs
  • November 19 - 20: Fall Championship

You can check out the CRL Spring Split key dates below:

  • January 15 and January 22: Spring Split Qualifiers
  • January 30 - March 3: Spring Split League Play
  • March 9 -10: Spring Split Playoffs
  • March 11 -12: Spring Championship
  • March 31 - April 2: North American LCQ

Registration and sign ups are live now! Assemble your team, rep your school, and get ready to compete in CRL.

Broadcast Information 


League Play


CRL Championships:

The 2022-23 CRL World Championship

The 2022-23 Collegiate Rocket League World Championship will take place summer 2023! The invite structure is as follows: 

  • The top two teams from each CRL Championship
  • The top two teams with the best League Play record from the overall CRL 2022-23 Season for both East and West Conferences
  • The top two teams from the North American and European Last Chance Qualifiers
  • The top four teams from the European University Rocketeers' Championship (EURC)

If a team qualifies for multiple berths into the CRL World Championship, then additional berths will be awarded to the highest-placed team from the relevant competition that have not already qualified for the CRL World Championship.

CCA Open 

The College Carball Association (CCA) Open is returning as well! In the CCA Open, Eastern and Western Conference teams that missed the cut for CRL League Play will compete in four open events per Split with $20,000 in prizing up for grabs in each Split! These teams earn points that allow them a chance to compete in the North American CRL Last Chance Qualifier. More information will be provided in the CCA Discord Server.

Europe and the European University Rocketeers' Championship

If you’re a student in Europe, make sure to follow the University Rocketeers for the most up to date information on the EURC schedule.

We can’t wait to kick off the CRL Season. Make sure you gather your team, sign up, and represent your school this year. We’ll see you on the pitch!